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Real Name:  Denny Quinn  

Occupation:  Reporter

Born:  April 17, 1938

Place of Birth:  Fairfield, Connecticut

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Height:  6'0"

Weight:  180 lbs.

Joined:  July, 1966 (Original Member)

Denny Quinn grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut. He was an excellent student and a superb athlete. While he was very good at many sports, archery turned out to be where he really excelled. Denny made the U.S. archery team for the 1960 Rome Olympics. Unfortunately, a bad case of flu kept him out of the medals.

Returning to the U.S., Denny put his bow and arrows aside to concentrate on his journalism studies. However, after seeing Stephen Kennedy in action as Challenger, he decided that he could put his archery skills to work fighting crime with an arsenal of specially designed arrows. In 1966, he would join with Challengers and other to form SuperSquad America.

The Silver Archer brought a swashbuckling attitude and a definite left wing point of view to SuperSquad America. His love of witty repartee and his hatred of seeing the little guy being put down by "the man" made him one of the team's most popular members.

When the Squad visited the extra-dimensional world of Eyratha, Denny fell in love with Princess Leianda. Before the team left, King Karuk gifted Denny with both an enchanted bow and his daughter's hand in marriage. Leianda returned to Earth with Denny and joined the Squad as Finesse.

Denny remained with SuperSquad America until the team's dissolution in 1976. At that point, he and his wife retired from superheroing to try and give their young daughter a normal life.

In 1993, both Leianda and Denny Quinn were apparently murdered in their bed by a 13 year-old junkie looking for cash. Today, their fight against crime is continued by their daughter Kelly as Silver Bow. In January of 2002, the new SuperSquad America traveled back in time, where they faked the Quinns' murders and brought them back to 2002. They now reside on Eyratha and can visit their daughter any time through a portal to the basement of the SuperSquad's headquarters.