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Swift Justice


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Real Name:  Brian Turnbull

Occupation:  Lawyer

Born:  June 9, 1942

Place of Birth:  Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Hazel

Height:  6'1"

Weight:  180 lbs.

Joined:  February, 1970

Died:  September 29, 1984 (Premature Aging)

Brian Turnbull grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father was a district attorney and his mother was a school teacher and both of them instilled a strong sense of justice in young Brian.

Brian was a superb student even though he would often neglect his studies temporarily if a pretty girl was involved. Still, he graduated high school, university, and Harvard Law School with honors. Following graduation, he moved to New York City to join a large law firm there.

One night, while he was studying to pass the New York bar, he was drinking copious amounts of caffeine to keep himself awake. Suddenly, he felt a huge rush of energy throughout his body and soon discovered that his superspeed powers had been triggered.

Donning a costume of his own design and adopting the name Swift Justice, Brian began his superhero career concentrating on those who he felt had escaped justice. It was not long until SuperSquad America invited him to join and he accepted.

Brian remained with SuperSquad America until the team disbanded in 1976. A few years after the disbanding, it was discovered that Brian's superspeed powers were him to age at a greatly increased rate. He immediately retired from superheroing and stop using his speed powers altogether. But, unfortunately, it was too late and in September of 1984, Brian died of old age despite the fact that he was only 42 years old.