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Artwork by HeroMachine


Real Name:  Michael Shannon

Occupation:  Freelance Magazine Writer

Born:  April 10, 1947

Place of Birth:  Rockford, Illinois

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Blue

Height:  5'11"

Weight:  165 lbs.

Joined:  August, 1973

Left:  July, 1975

Died:  August 6, 2000 (Surrendered Remaining Life Force)

While investigating strange disappearances outside Chicago, Michael Shannon was attacked and left for dead. He awoke with vague memories of a strange robed man and discovered that he now had amazing mental powers. Michael joined the SuperSquad America as Brainstorm and served the team for just over two years, before disappearing in 1975.

In truth, Michael had followed a strange calling to the temple of the White Shield in Tibet. There, he learned that the robed man robes from his memories had invested him with the soul of Sharnak, the ancient mystic mentalist who founded the Order of the White Shield and that he was to play a role in coming mystical events. Adopting the name White Shield, he led the order in battle against the Cult of the Black Sword and in 2000, used the remainder of his life force to send the new SuperSquad America to the final battle for control of the Seventh Cycle.