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Real Name:  Kyle Matthews  

Occupation:  Scientist/Professor

Born:  June 2, 1944

Place of Birth:  Indianapolis, Indiana

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Green

Height: 5'10"

Weight:  175 lbs.

Joined: July, 1966 (Original Member)

Died:  May 12, 1999 (Heart Attack)

Kyle Matthews was a grad student at MIT when gained his remarkable energy powers after entering MIT's cyclotron to shut it down before it exploded. While these powers made him one of the team's flashiest and most powerful members, Kyle had to live down rumors that he gained his powers by mistaking the cyclotron for the men's room.

In many ways, Kyle was almost the stereotypical absent-minded professor. He had a tendency to be long-winded and use big words when he could have been more straight forward. He was also likely to get wrapped up in intellectual problems and ignore what was going on around him.

Professor Plasma remained a member of SuperSquad America until its dissolution in 1976 following the Bicentennial Incident, at which point he, like many of his teammates, retired from superheroing.

Kyle Matthews died of a heart attack in May 1999.