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Artwork by HeroMachine

Finesse's Character Sheet in PDF

Real Name:  Leianda "Lee" Quinn  

Occupation:  Ballet Dancer

Born:  March 14, 1945 (Converted from Eyrathan date)

Place of Birth:  Extra-dimensional world of Eyratha

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Height:  5'6"

Weight:  125 lbs.

Joined:  April, 1968              

Princess Leianda of Eyratha was born with the superior strength and speed common to members of the Eyrathan royal family, abilities that they put to use as the people's defenders. When SuperSquad America saved Eyratha from the evil wizard Garlak, Leianda fell in love with Denny Quinn, the Silver Archer. With her father's permission, Leianda returned to Earth with the Squad, married Denny and embarked on a superhero career as Finesse. With her enhanced physical capabilities and her skill with her enchanted Eyrathan fighting staff, she was a formidable fighter.

Leianda remained with SuperSquad America until the team's dissolution in 1976. At that point, she and her husband retired from superheroing to try and give their young daughter a normal life.

In 1993, both Leianda and Denny Quinn were apparently murdered in their bed by a 13 year-old junkie looking for cash. Today, their fight against crime is continued by their daughter Kelly as Silver Bow. In January of 2002, the new SuperSquad America traveled back in time, where they faked the Quinns' murders and brought them back to 2002. They now reside on Eyratha, where Leianda serves as regent and they can visit their daughter any time through a portal to the basement of the SuperSquad's headquarters.