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Lady Luck


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Lady Luck
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Lady Luck

Artwork by HeroMachine

Lady Luck's Character Sheet in PDF


Real Name:  Lisa Collins  

Occupation:  Graduate Student

Born:  February 16, 1948

Place of Birth:  Columbus, Ohio

Hair:  Blonde

Eyes:  Blue

Height:  5'4"

Weight:  110 lbs.

Joined:  July, 1966 (Original Member)

Died:  July 4, 1976 (Killed in Action)

Lisa Collins was a somewhat plain and slightly clumsy girl growing up in Columbus Ohio. While she was a good student, she had only a few friends and very little social life, but she was always happy and cheerful.

When she was 16, her elderly eccentric Aunt Miranda died and left Lisa the ring that she had always claimed brought her good luck. After donning the ring, Lisa felt a change come over her. She began to bloom physically and things began to go more and more her way; she even became a cheerleader in her senior year. It seemed that the mystical powers of the ring triggered Lisa's ability to alter the laws of probability in her favor and when she wore the ring itself, she could actively manipulate probability to affect herself and others.

When she moved to New York to attend Columbia University, she also decided to don a costume and became Lady Luck, the Luckiest Girl in the World and was one of the founding members of SuperSquad America.

Unfortunately, Lisa's luck finally ran out when she was killed in the Bicentennial Incident, the event that brought about the end of the original SuperSquad.