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Artwork by HeroMachine

Gauntlet's Character Sheet in PDF


Real Name:  Roger Crane  

Occupation:  Contractor

Born:  August 13, 1940

Place of Birth:  Baltimore, Maryland

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  Brown

Height:  6'2"

Weight:  205 lbs.

Joined:  March, 1967

Roger Crane was always a good student, especially in science and math, and he had plans of attending M.I.T. to study engineering. However, just after he graduated high school, his contractor father died in a construction site accident, leaving the family heavily in debt. Seeing no other way to look after his mother and siblings, Roger decided to forego university and take over the family construction company.

But that did not stop him from studying all he could about various engineering disciplines on his own and through occasional night school courses. He might never actually get the chance to earn an actual engineering degree, but he would find his own way to make the world a better place. Inspired by powered armor characters in comics, he set out to build his own powered armor suit in his spare time. His first effort was crude and inefficient but it was enough for him to take to the air as the superhero Gauntlet. He continued to refine the armor and soon earned an invitation to join SuperSquad America, their first new member after the founding five.

While the battlesuit made Roger the team's most intimidating member physically, his blue collar background made him not only a strong proponent of SuperSquad America's fight against crime, but also an advocate for making the world a better place. He took his responsibilities very seriously and became known as a champion for the underdog.

  Roger Crane was a member of SuperSquad America as Gauntlet until the team disbanded in 1976. Today, he is only surviving member of the original Squad and is still active in many social causes.