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Morning Glory


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Real Name:  Gretel Steubelhoffer  

Occupation:  Retail Clerk

Born:  May 30, 1949

Place of Birth:  Kenosha, Wisconsin

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  Blue

Height:  5'3"

Weight:  115 lbs.

Joined:  February, 1970

Left November, 1972

Died:  April 13, 1979 (Killed in Action)

Gretel Stebelhoffer had a normal mid-western U.S.  upbringing until she left Kenosha to study chemistry at University of California, Berkeley. At Berkley, she became involved with the flower child movement and soon dropped out of university to become part of the Haight-Ashbury scene, although unlike many, she managed to avoid getting into heavy drug use.

One night at a party, someone spiked her drink with an experimental drug that triggered her light-based superpowers. Deciding that, sometimes, peace and love need to be fought for, she became the superhero Morning Glory. At Silver Archer's request, she moved to New York to join SuperSquad America. While capable of delivering powerful blasts of lights, she preferred less violent approaches like using the hypnotic qualities of her light to produce feelings of peace and love in her opponents.

Morning Glory was a free spirit, sexually and otherwise and had a very left wing point of view. Her politics often caused her to clash with Challenger and other more conservative members of the team, while her obvious attraction to Silver Archer brought her into conflict with his wife Finesse.

In November of 1972, Morning left SuperSquad America for a solo superhero career. Unfortunately, this solo career came to an end when Gretel was killed by the supervillainess Blackheart in April 1979. Despite their political differences over the years, Challenger delivered a moving eulogy at her funeral.