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Dancing Queen


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Dancing Queen
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Dancing Queen

Artwork by HeroMachine


Real Name:  Amanda Jeffries

Occupation:  Dancer/Dance Instructor

Born:  November 20, 1951

Place of Birth:  Charleston, South Carolina

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Joined: May, 1974

Died:  July 4, 1976 (Killed in Action)

Amanda Jeffries was born with amazing agility and above average strength, but she really had no interest in being a superhero. From almost the time she learned to walk, Amanda loved to dance. From ballet to tap to the watusi to disco, whatever the dance, Amanda could do it.

When she was 18, Amanda moved to New York to become a professional dancer. Being a single girl in the big city, Amanda decided to take up martial arts to protect herself and soon discovered that her knack for dancing applied to martial arts as well. Mixing traditional maneuvers with dance moves, Amanda developed her own unique style.

After using her talents to defeat the low-level supervillain known as the Black Rhino when he attempted to rob the theatre where she was performing, Stephen Kennedy invited her to join SuperSquad America. Unfortunately, she served with the Squad for only a little over two years, before she was killed in the Bicentennial Incident.